Fiber Tasks

A "Fiber Task" is any non-blocking task executed on a FiberTaskScheduler, but the most versatile fiber task is a YieldableTask. These tasks are designed to yield execution so that multiple tasks can execute concurrently on the same thread.

For a full explanation of how tasks and schedulers work, see the Task Parallel Library documentation on MSDN.

Creating a fiber task scheduler

Creating a fiber task scheduler is a two part process: create a fiber scheduler you want to use and then wrap that scheduler in a FiberTaskScheduler.

var taskScheduler = new FiberTaskScheduler(SystemFiberScheduler.StartNew());

Executing yieldable tasks

Once a scheduler has been created, yieldable tasks can be queued to it.

void Main()
// Start a task scheduler to dispatch tasks as fibers
// on a separate thread
var taskScheduler = new FiberTaskScheduler(SystemFiberScheduler.StartNew());
// Start a new task, continue it with more work,
// then wait for it to complete
var task = Task.Factory.StartNew(FadeOutCoroutine(),
CancellationToken.None, TaskCreationOptions.None,
task.ContinueWith(DoMoreWork(), taskScheduler).Wait();
IEnumerator FadeOutCoroutine()
var totalTime = 4f;
var currentTime = totalTime;
while(currentTime > 0f)
setAlpha(currentTime / totalTime); // fade out
currentTime -= Time.deltaTime;
yield return FiberInstruction.YieldToAnyFiber;
IEnumerator DoMoreWork()
// do work