Dragon Swarm

"Dragon Swarm" is now available for the iPad. Let the battle begin!

Players battle for territory using dragons in this arcade style RTS game released on the Apple App Store.

Redmond, WA - May 7, 2013 - The dragons have been unleashed! Spicy Pixel, Inc. announced today the iPad release of "Dragon Swarm", a vibrant, fast-paced strategy game that will keep players moving and thinking quickly on their way to glorious victory.

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The game features beautiful 3D graphics that are a treat to watch along with an epic musical score, but it's the multiplayer action that drives the fun. "Some of our fondest gaming memories are LAN parties with friends," says Spicy Pixel CEO, Aaron Oneal, "and so with this game we wanted to bring that core RTS experience to mobile and touch screen devices for everyone to enjoy."

The goal of the game is to win each battle by eliminating other players in order to control the map. Players send forth dragons from their lairs to attack, and there are 3 upgradable lair types, each with different abilities.

Players must decide how to use these unique lairs and dragons to their best advantage to win. The arcade style gameplay makes this real-time strategy game highly accessible, even to players new to the genre.

There are 3 primary game modes:

Battle friends and take to the skies with "Dragon Swarm" for the iPad now on the App Store!

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